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Hi there!

You’ve stumbled upon the portfolio of Hallar Azad (game programmer, hard worker, and VR enthusiast.) Here you can view my resume, a few of my professional projects, and some fun coding or game stuff I do in my free time.

Currently I’m working at Rematch Studios Karachi on a new unannounced AA VR project. Until recently I was at Narsun in Lahore making PC games using Unreal. I’ve also worked at Absologix Islamabad making several gaze controlled mobile VR games. Before that I was working as an indie developer and had published 2 of my own mobile VR games on Playstore.

Before moving to game industry I was working as a web developer with a group of friends, coding some websites using java frameworks, PHP, designing databases and any other tasks that needed to be worked on to get the job done. Back in 2016, I graduated from the University of Sindh with a degree in Software Engineering. I specialize in gameplay programming and enjoy making exciting content or making content exciting for VR.

I’d love to chat about job opportunities, projects I’ve worked on, diversity in tech, future of XR, cat memes, or whatever is on your mind.

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BS Software Engineering - University of Sindh / January 2013 - December 2016

Object oriented programming, software development life cycle, software quality assuarance, software development, personal software process, software testing.

Diploma in Information Technology - Dotcom Institute of IT, Mehar / Jan 2011 - Dec 2011


AR/VR Gameplay Programmer / October 2017 - Present
Rematch Studios, Karachi

  • Created custom Unreal Editor plugin using C++ to speed up the pipeline
  • Planning game design and architecture, writing GDDs, working in collaboration with Art and Animation teams
  • Creating AR apps/games for Android and iOS using ARCore
  • Creating VR games for HTC Vive, Oculus and PSVR using Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprints and C++)
  • Shader programming (intermediate)

Gameplay Programmer / April 2017 - October 2017
Narsun, Lahore

  • Achieved the desired fidelity in an Unreal Engine 4 cinematic by research and by searching the related people in the community and taking help from them. Result: The goal was achieved and the project went successful.
  • Completed almost every project before deadline by putting extra efforts and especially by learning new ways and techniques in my free time. Result: Clients were happy and so were the managers. The games department started getting more and exciting projects and our team grew up.

Mobile VR Game Developer / February 2017 - April 2017
Absologix 3D Game Studios, Islamabad

  • Created solutions for gaze based input for Cardboard VR games like VR Train Siumulator, VR Death Well, VR Gallo Run by planning the most convenient way together with team and brainstorming. Result: We achieved close to comfortable touch-less controls for various Cardboard games by creating a balance between timed base gaze input UI and Gyro/Accelerometer sensor values.




Unreal Engine 4










Blueprints (UE4)


Shader Programming


Version Controlling




Area of Darkness: Sentinel

Area of Darkness: Sentinel is a psychological thriller/adventure game built from the ground up for VR for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and WMR with full-body IK and intuitive motion-based combat system. I worked on hand interactions (doors, levers etc), developed point based teleportation system (similar to the one in Wilson's Heart), created a UE4 plugin in C++ for automatic dialogue notifier creation on animations, designed custom NPC locomotion system using ALS from Marketplace (adding additional features specific to AoD) and worked with the team to overcome all sorts of technical challenges.

Unreal Engine 4 Cinematic

This is my first professional Cinematic created with UE4. I was inspired to learn working on Sequencer by the fantastic Robo Recall cinmatic created by Epic Games by only using Sequencer. Our goal was to give a realistic look to the environnment and especially to the Car. We achieved it by using the awesome 'Automotive Materials' provided by Epic Games for the vehicle and by working on the lighting and shadows of the environment.

Hat Shuffle Game in UE4

Its a hat shuffling game developed in UE4 for a client. I created its random shuffling module in C++ with the help of iTween Unreal Plugin. I exposed all the key functions to blueprints and then I scripted the gameplay in blueprints. It was a wonderful experience creating a balance between C++ code and Blueprints.

VR Educator - Cardboard VR Game using Unity

VR Educator is a VR learning application through which its users can learn difficult concepts of various subjects in VR. It is a general application. I worked on VR Educator for CPU. In this application, the users would travel inside a CPU in VR and explore its operations live to understand it clearly. For example, the lesson I worked on is: “What Happens Inside a Computer When a Key is Pressed?”

Define Or Die VR

Its an adventure Mobile VR game created with Unity and Google VR. The basic idea is that the user is trapped by a Monster into a magical island and the user can only escape it by answering 3 questions of the monster that are actually riddles.


TestBook Website - Developed Using JavaEE Struts2

ERD for TestBook




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